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SoraTile switches applications with useful menu.


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  1. Switch applications.
  2. Open drag & drop files.
  3. Open recent applications & documents.
  4. Open system preference panes.
  5. Open favorite items.
  6. Open disk volumes.
  7. Sleep, restart, shut down system and log out.
  8. Customize click actions on Tile.
  9. Customize Tiles.
  10. Support for Menu Bar



SoraTile is shareware.

Download is free. Please try out SoraTile freely.

If you purchase SoraTile, You can use SoraTile with no restrictions.

MacOSX 10.1
MacOSX 10.1

If you get window list in OS X 10.3, activate UI Scripting.

[ Activating UI Script ]

Sorry, this release is NOT avalibale for OS X Server 1.2.

[ for OS X Server 1.2 ]


SoraTile is $20 (USD) if you use Kagi.

Please purchase "SoraTile2" on Kagi online order pages.

Registration Code reaches you by e-mail after your payment.






Please refer to Japanese pages about the details of this application.


2004/08/22 version 2.4.8

  • Changed to make SoraTile Startup Item in its own Preference & System Preference.
  • Fixed to make other applications Startup Items.

2004/07/26 version 2.4.7

  • Improved to get window list.
  • Improved to switch applications.
  • Improved time out of AppleEvent.

2004/03/08 version 2.4.6

  • Fixed to display tile's shadow correctly.
  • Fixed to place tiles not to run off the edge of screen.

2004/02/02 version 2.4.5

  • Added to launch startup items all at once in SoraTile Menu.
  • Added to quit applications all at once in SoraTile Menu.
  • Change to place tiles in sub monitor.
  • Change to accept to drop url.
  • Fixed process after changing display mode.

2003/12/25 version 2.4.4

  • Added a new preference item, "Add Window Item in Application Menu".
  • Change to get window items in OS X 10.3.
  • Fixed to logout quickly.
  • Fixed AppleEvent process.

2003/12/01 version 2.4.3

  • Added a new preference item, "Confirm before Log out, Restart, Shut down".
  • Added a new preference item, "Move Tiles to Drag".
  • Change to set tile size in 16 to 128 freely.
  • Fixed to get system preference items correctly in OS X 10.3
  • Fixed to get recent items right way.
  • Fixed to place Java icon in Tile.
  • Fixed to place Tiles at start up.

2003/07/03 version 2.4.2

  • Added to popup menu by right click.
  • Changed to prevent unexpected move of tile panel.
  • Changed to popup menu by mouse press even if mouse moved sligtly.
  • Fixed to display initial menu in Menu Bar corrently.
  • Fixed to process click action with modifier key correctly.
  • Fixed to popup menu on Application Tile correctly.

2003/06/09 version 2.4.1

  • Added to switch to display runing applications in popup menu.
  • Fixed to update status items's menu correctly.

and more.

2003/05/31 version 2.4.0

  • Added to drag and move tile panel.
  • Added a new click action, "Click Again".
  • Added a new preference item, "No background when close tiles".
  • Added a new preference item, "Add extra space in popup menu".
  • Changed to save tile panel position & open/close status when quit SoraTile and removed a preference item, "Close tiles at launch time".
  • Changed distributed file "dmg" format.
  • Fixed to display icon's shadow correctly.
  • Tested SoraTile in muti screen.

and more.

2002/10/28 version 2.3.0

  • Added window list in Application Tile's menu.
  • Added a item of file icon's size in Preference Panel.
  • Added new click actions in Preference Panel.
  • Fixed to startup normally when Trash is empty.
  • Fixed to display menu in normal place.

and more.

2002/10/17 version 2.2.4

  • Changed startup process.
  • Fixed quit dialog.

2002/09/29 version 2.2.3

  • Changed startup process.
  • Changed to restart when SoraTile has no subprocess.
  • Fixed logout process.

2002/09/22 version 2.2.2

  • Changed to support for Mac OS X 10.2.
  • Changed to display Java application's name.
  • Changed process of updating Tiles.
  • Improved process of SoraTile Icon's menu.
  • Improved to save memory.
  • Fixed to display SoraTile Icon correctly.

2002/08/21 version 2.2.1

  • Added support for changing display resolution.
  • Added preference of "Display File Icon In Menu".
  • Changed process of updating Tiles and Menu.
  • Changed process of Preference Panel.
  • Fixed not to leak memory.

2002/08/05 version 2.2.0

  • Added "Favorite Items" menu.
  • Added "Computer" menu.
  • Added menu of "Sleep", "Restart", "Shut down" and "Log Out".
  • Added support for Menu Bar.
  • Added "Shift+Click" action.
  • Changed Preference Panel & default preferences.

2002/07/18 version 2.1.5

  • Added "Quit" menu to Application Tile.
  • Added "Hide SoraTile" menu of SoraTile Icon.
  • Changed process of Application Tile's menu validation .
  • Changed process of Application Tile's click.
  • Fixed "Force Quit" process to display Appilcation Tiles correctly.

2002/07/03 version 2.1.4

  • Changed to customize action of click on Application Tile.
  • Changed to display process ID of unknown application instead of name.
  • Changed Icon of unknown application.

2002/06/13 version 2.1.3

  • Added "Activate In Front" menu.
  • Changed to activate in front with option + click on Application Tile.
  • Changed Preference Panel.
  • Fixed process of displaying Application Icon.

2002/06/07 version 2.1.2

  • Changed process of displaying tiles.
  • Changed registration process.

2002/04/21 version 2.1.1

  • Added menu of System Preference Panes.
  • Added "Force Quit" menu.
  • Improved displaying SoraTile Icon's menu.

2002/04/03 version 2.1.0

  • Added menu of recent applications and recent documents.
  • Added to sort tiles and recent items.
  • Changed Preference Panel.
  • Changed registration process.

2002/01/28 version 2.0.1

  • Fixed a problem in Registration.

2002/01/23 version 2.0.0

  • Public release. SoraTile is shareware now.
  • Added to popup menu after pushing down Mouse Button for a while.
  • Changed not to hide tiles.
  • Removed menu of recent documents and recent applications.

2001/11/29 version 2.0 PR2b

  • Fixed "Command Key + Click" action.
  • Added "Show In Finder" menu.

2001/11/26 version 2.0 PR2a

  • Used "displayNameAtPath" method.
  • Fixed getting application's icon.

2001/11/21 version 2.0 PR2

  • Changed to fetch launched applications correctly.
  • Added menu of recent documents and recent applications.
  • Added dock menu.
  • Compiled Mac OS X 10.1.

2001/08/31 version 2.0 PR1

  • Preview release.


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